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Memorable Experiences in Nelson

Rutherford Hotel Nelson is a premier Conference Hotel at the center of New Zealand within easy access of some of the country’s most stunning sites and activities. Nelson is renowned for its local art, craft and produce which we present to our guests during their stay to create that memorable experience.

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Our focus on sustainability. RHN is committed to provide an experience that is sustainable by reducing our carbon footprint where possible. We constantly seek ways to improve our efficiency and minimise the impact on the environment. Nature is also an acknowledgement to our Extraordinary region and the exceptional landscape we are surrounded by.

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It is our mission to excel our guests’ expectation and provide the best experience to our guests, whether they are local or visiting.

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It is our promise to deliver the best our region has to offer. Ingredients and produce are sourced locally as much as possible. We also endeavour to support local by using local produce, talent and supporting local businesses as well as charities.

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We are creating a safe environment. Not just a physically safe environment, but also an environment where our team and guests feel safe, appreciated, and comfortable.

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A positive attitude is what helps us to create success for our Hotel, the region, and our people. Staying positive is one of the key factors in success. Optimism and positivity will create and enjoyable and exceptional experience.

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We take pride in presenting a clean, warm, and welcoming environment where our guests and people can relax and enjoy. Neat is also our very own interpretation of Manaakitanga, creating that exceptional hospitality experience.

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Our team at Rutherford Hotel Nelson is dedicated to excellence in service. Through commitment to our people, we aim to exceed expectations and create an atmosphere where our guests can be somewhere special.

Rutherford Hotel Nelson is committed to the training and development of our people. One of the key concepts is ’Growing our People’. This concept aims to develop people for further growth within the hospitality industry. Every opportunity will be given to assist in improving their work-related skills and industry knowledge and to enhance their personal development. 

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